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Tuesday 24 September 

14:00 - 16:00

Room Paer


Organizers: Fabio Coccetti (IRT Saint Exupéry, Toulouse, France) and Thomas Harder (ECPE, Nurnberg, Germany)

New generation of power semiconductor components based on WBG (SiC and GaN essentially) technologies are supposed to introduce a paradigm shift in leveraging advanced power conversion solution for the energy transition of transport.


Several initiatives from National to European and more broadly speaking at worldwide level, are focusing on how to unleash the superior performances of these technologies. In spite of an increasing acceptance and commercialization, to date not all failures are fully understood with respect to the underlying failure mechanisms and consequently more suitable design rules and test procedures specifically fitted to SiC and GaN technology are at stake for the full and dependable deployment of these technologies.


This WS will present the perspective from a different public-private funded initiatives, spanning from project specifically dedicated to application-oriented technology development (ex: GAN4AP), to focus on qualification standards definition (ex. AQG324). Most of these initiatives aim to enhancing and gathering collaborative research efforts (ex. EC funded through dedicated JU such as CHIPT-JU) or dealing more with very focused and end user driven project (ex.GANRET).

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